8 Important Things To Know Before Going Solar

As solar technology evolves globally, harnessing clean, sustainable energy through solar panels has become a smart choice for homes and businesses. However, a thoughtful approach is crucial before embarking on this transformative journey. Here are eight vital factors to think about before deciding to install rooftop solar panel:

1. Choose Wisely

Ensure you thoroughly research your solar company choice. With numerous scams in the market, it’s crucial to select a reputable provider to avoid potential issues down the line. Assess their reputation in the solar industry and customer satisfaction levels to make an informed decision. Kartel is one of the best solar companies in Nigeria. Contact us on 09067522620 to go solar today

2. Prioritize Quality

While cost savings are important, prioritize quality over quantity when selecting solar panels. Opting for cheaper options may compromise durability and reliability, posing safety risks such as fire hazards. Investing in high-quality panels ensures longevity and reliable performance over the years. Contact us on 09067522620 to get the best, high-quality solar panels in Nigeria.

3. Ensure a Consultation with Your Solar Installation Provider

Before committing to solar panel installation, common queries arise regarding cost and panel quantity. However, the number of panels required hinges on factors like household energy consumption and gadget usage, along with battery capacity and inverter efficiency.

The optimal approach involves seeking an assessment from your solar provider. They possess the expertise to gauge your specific needs and advise on the ideal panel quantity and associated costs. This personalized consultation ensures accurate recommendations tailored to your circumstances. Contact us on 09067522620 for a free consultation.

4. Roof Suitability

Ensure your roof is in good condition before installation, as solar panels are typically placed on roofs. A professional assessment of your roof’s weight-bearing capacity is essential. Align the lifespan of your solar panels with your roof to minimize maintenance costs.

5. Potential Risks

Despite being a generally low-risk investment, solar power systems are not entirely immune to maintenance challenges. Consider weather-related risks and explore insurance options. In regions like Nigeria, where severe weather is uncommon, natural elements like rain can aid in panel maintenance.

6. Warranties Matter

Pay close attention to warranties for solar panels, equipment, and installation. Kartel offers a 25-year warranty on our industry-standard solar panel, 18 months on our Kartel tubular batteries, and 12 months on our Kartel inverters. 

7. Professional Installation

 Resist the temptation to DIY solar panel installation. Professionals ensure safety standards and code compliance and prevent issues like wiring problems or leaky roofs. Opting for expert installation from our qualified technicians saves you from potential hassles.

8. Minimal Maintenance

   Solar panels require minimal maintenance. Keep them clean and debris-free to ensure optimal sunlight exposure. Check with your solar supplier for maintenance clauses, as some companies like Kartel offer regular upkeep.

That concludes our discussion for today. I trust this post has assisted you in recognizing crucial elements for your solar investment, facilitating an informed decision. 

Kartel proudly produces the best, top-quality solar panels in Nigeria. Reach out to us at 09067522620 to acquire yours.

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